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Ben Waters

Head of Trading, Asia Pacific

Having left BP London in 2013 after 8 years of huge personal and professional development as both a Charterer and then Trader on Dated Brent desk, Ben joined Trafigura in Geneva. Soon heading the North Sea team there, Ben was given the opportunity to trade physical and paper risk in an aggressive trade house environment. Developing new businesses within that seat was most rewarding, such as buying an old refinery site for the storage tankage while market was in deep contango in 2015, and working with Puma to turn that into one of the UK’s leading products import terminals, leaving a successful legacy business once market had moved from contango.

Ben moved with Trafigura to Singapore at start of 2016 in a new role as regional Head of Crude and was able to expand our trading activity by bringing crude from Atlantic Basin to the teapot refiners of China. The team grew and was known for its resourceful and hardworking culture that established good market share and avoided many of the pitfalls of that business.