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Dominic Jevons

Head of Business Development

Mr. Jevons has over 20 years of trading experience. He head’s MM’s Department of Paper Trading.

Dominic started his career at Lehman Brothers where he worked as a clerk in the IPE. In 1995 he joined the Energy Derivatives Trading team as a junior trader and took over the distillates book in 1996. After Lehman’s, he worked for HETCO 1997-2001 as a Derivatives trader, providing markets to banks, refiners and funds in all refined products.

Dominic worked for Phibro (2001-2005) and Mercuria (2006-2014) as an independent Market Maker in the European Gasoline market. He grew the business to become the largest market maker in Europe, providing markets in Cracks, Arbitrages, and Flat price to brokers and customers alike. He took risk onto his books from one month’s duration out to two years.